Build a client portal powered by your Google Sheets data

Create a user-friendly web app for you and your clients to manage projects and keep track of documents.

client portal powered by google sheets
Rebecca Berneck

“I’ve dreamed of having a client portal for probably 10 years. I’ve tried to implement one with so many different tools and would get frustrated and let it go. I played with Softr and immediately went ‘this is it!’”

Rebecca Berneck, CEO, Officeheads

Add a front-end to your Google Sheets database

Customize design, layout, and logic with drag-and-drop blocks — no code required! Add all the necessary information and tools to create an on-brand portal that delights clients.

a beautiful front-end to a google sheets database

Bring your data and tools into one spot

Connect to multiple Google Sheets and data sources — all within the same portal. Add more value for your clients by embedding reports and dashboards from other tools into a central hub.

softr/airtable integration
server-side authentication to protect your data

Security you can count on

Softr's AWS-powered server-side authentication will protect your data and ensure maximum performance, scalability, and availability. Softr is also fully compliant with SOC2 and GDPR regulations.

Get started with a ready-made template

Client Portal

Let your clients view and edit their project data, manage tasks, make payments, and more.

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Employee Portal

Manage all your company and employee information in one place to foster onboarding and collaboration.

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Sales CRM Portal

A single portal for managing customer interactions including sales deals, sales activity, contact data, and more.

Our awesome features

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Frequently asked questions about building a
client portal

A client portal is more secure than giving all users access to your Google Sheets database — and it provides a way more user-friendly experience than having to navigate a spreadsheet. Building a client portal helps you add value to your services and is a scalable solution as you grow your business.

Softr's client portal software puts you in control of your data. - Users can log in via web app (which means no more direct access to your Google Sheets database) - User permissions ensure information is only shared securely with relevant audiences. - A tailored experience means a more personalized, engaging UX to boost your professional image. - Clients and team members can self-serve information when they need it.

Client portals are safe if they use server-side security and encryption, and users log in with a unique username and password. Owners and admins can also set user access permissions, so each user can only access the content and sections made available to them. This offers greater protection against data leaks and unwanted data manipulation.

You’ll be prompted to connect your data source during onboarding or if you start from a template. In other cases, go to your "Application Settings" and navigate to "Data Sources." Next, click "Connect a Data Source" and select Google Sheets from the list.

Yes! You can set up your portal to create invoices and accept payments. Softr supports payments via integration with popular platforms like Stripe and PayPal.

Check out this video to see how to build a client portal using Google Sheets with Softr. We also have a client portal template and help docs to answer any questions you have, and offer speedy chat support on all plans.

Build a client portal with your Google Sheets data

No code, no learning curve, no hassle.

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