Selfless Fiji manages hundreds of volunteers through a custom CRM

How Selfless Fiji leveraged Softr and Airtable to build a fully-functional CRM, streamlining their volunteer management.

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Selfless Fiji, a non-profit organization, needed a CRM to manage its growing number of volunteer applications. After researching, they chose to build their CRM using Softr due to its sleek UI, mobile-friendliness, and the possibility to set up automated workflows together with Airtable. Currently, the CRM has over 800 registered members and saves the organization’s founder several hours a day.


Selfless Fiji is a non-profit organization based in Fiji that empowers people through volunteerism. It offers various projects that people can sign up for and get engaged. At some point, they felt the need for a platform that would help coordinate all the work, gather statistics, and automate the daunting manual tasks. The result was a CRM built with Softr and Airtable. We got in touch with Shenal, who helped build the platform, to learn more about the project and how it came to life.

Shenal Harakh
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The challenge

Selfless Fiji had been becoming more and more popular and the number of volunteer applications had been growingly rapidly. There was a lot of back and forth between the volunteers and the organization, which was mostly handled by the organization’s founder. So, when the manual work became too much to cope with, the founder Solomone Rabuli decided to build a CRM working together with Shenal, who’s helping businesses with no-code solutions.

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After doing some research, Shenal ended up with a shortlist of three tools for building the project: Circle, Bubble, and Softr. In the case of Circle, the lack of data-handling capabilities (collecting and presenting usage data, creating dashboards, etc.) was a deal breaker.

Although Bubble offered the necessary functionality, it presented challenges in terms of organizational training and user interface. Its complexity would have required extensive instruction for Selfless Fiji's team members, and crafting an appealing UI demanded significant additional effort.

Ultimately, Shenal chose Softr for its out-of-the-box sleek, mobile-friendly interface and comprehensive feature set, which met the CRM requirements. She combined Softr with Airtable to streamline email automation workflows.

In the end, Shenal built a robust CRM that automated previously manual tasks like email automation, data collection, and statistics tracking. The platform also allowed volunteers to log in, register for projects, monitor their applications, and access other features.

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Results and next steps

Since its launch a few months ago, the CRM has already attracted over 800 registered members, a notable achievement considering Fiji's population of one million. This substantial user base has the potential for significant impact. The CRM has saved Selfless Fiji's founder several hours daily, enabling them to concentrate on nurturing relationships with participants. Additionally, the founder can easily access the CRM for an overview of project details such as participant data and signups for each initiative.

Moving forward, Selfless Fiji plans to develop a donor portal where contributors can monitor volunteer activities through a dashboard, receive real-time updates, and make donations via Stripe among other features.

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