Today, we're delighted to announce reaching the next milestone in our journey of becoming a data source agnostic platform, with the arrival of a new data source – SmartSuite!

Here is a video by no-code expert Demetri Panicki providing a detailed walkthrough of the integration:

💡 The data source of choice, your choice

In the world of no-code app development, access to diverse and unique data sources is key.

We recognize that your data may reside in a variety of platforms, systems, and sources. We also acknowledge that every project, team, and budget has unique requirements.

Softr and SmartSuite excel in meeting these needs. Quickly and affordably, you can build client portals, internal tools, and other custom apps for your business.

SmartSuite is a collaborative work management platform that enables teams to plan, track, and manage workflows, projects, and everyday tasks. And with Softr, it can act as an excellent data source for your custom applications.

Take the client portal as an example. With this release, just as with Airtable and Google Sheets, you can:

  • create stunning and custom client-facing interfaces,
  • deliver action-packed logic allowing clients to access and update their data to enrich business relationships and loyalty
  • provide granular access control to make sure everyone has the right access to their information, be it client portal admin, client, consultant, or external partner.

Or imagine connecting Softr and SmartSuite to create an internal tool like an inventory management system. With no coding required, you can build a user-friendly interface for your admin and employees. This tool will enable them to:

  • Store and manage detailed manufacturer information, including contacts and product catalogs.
  • Simplify order management with an intuitive interface.
  • Quickly find and use manufacturer, product, order, or delivery information that each respective app user has access to.

All that is built in days, not months. powered by Softr app building experience, and fueled with your SmartSuite data.

👩‍💻 Get started

  • Connect your SmartSuite data. It literally takes 30 seconds. Just authenticate with SmartSuite in Softr.
  • Turn your SmartSuite data into interactive user interfaces using building blocks like lists, tables, forms, summary cards, and soon kanban, calendars, charts, and many more.
  • Any changes to your data in SmartSuite will reflect on your Softr app right away, and vice versa.

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