What do we want? More data! How do we get it? With Softr and BigQuery!

We're excited to introduce BigQuery as our newest data source at Softr. Now, you can easily unlock the power of your data warehouse—no messy spreadsheets or complex analytics tools required.

Build apps that unlock your data warehouse

While BigQuery centralizes your data, accessing it often requires technical expertise. Softr bridges this gap.

Now, you can:

  • Build custom dashboards: Create dashboards tailored for marketing, customer success, and other teams or roles, directly in Softr.
  • Share insights securely: Deliver customized reports to external partners through a Softr portal.
  • Get started quickly: Connect to BigQuery in a few clicks. For more details visit out help doc.

Data empowerment for every-day operators

Give your team the tools to unlock the insights hidden in your BigQuery warehouse. No coding or complex software required – customize dashboards to make data relevant for every role.

Secure data sharing without chaos

Simplify secure data sharing with clients, partners and vendors. Share apps & dashboards, while easily controlling access with Softr.

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