Ditch those external form embeds! We're excited to announce a major upgrade to Softr's form builder: conditional logic. Now you can create dynamic, multi-step forms that adapt to your users and workflows, directly within Softr.

Power up your workflows with conditional forms

With logic-driven forms, you can show or hide form steps and sections based on user input and attributes. This lets you enhance your business applications with:

  • More streamlined onboarding processes: Ask relevant questions to clients and employees based on user type and needs.
  • Better support requests: Guide users efficiently through troubleshooting or tickets, showing relevant fields based on issue type.
  • Personalized surveys: Collect detailed information and feedback by tailoring follow-up questions based on responses.
  • Enhanced lead capture: Target leads with questions relevant to their interests.

Get started quickly: Add a new dynamic form block to your Softr app from our block library in Softr Studio. For more details, visit our help docs.

Display only the information that's needed

Guide users through a tailored form journey based on responses to questions, current records details, or user information, such as subscription level. This helps to streamline your user experience and prevent overwhelming users with irrelevant information.

Craft beautiful forms

Build multi-step forms with ease using a visual logic builder. Customize your form's design with layout options, then tweak colors, fonts and more to your liking.

Automate manual processes

Build forms to automate any workflow, from onboarding and feedback gathering to customer support and training. Send form submissions directly to your application’s data source, or trigger automations using tools like Zapier and Make.

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