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We feature conversations about Gen "Builders" with world-class product, growth and community experts who helped build the best products you use everyday.

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About the Host

Mariam is the co-founder/CEO of Softr. She is an ex-engineer turned entrepreneur and the mother of two daughters. She's passionate about all things technology, product, and design and is ready to share her experience with our listeners.

Building Software Empires: Unveiling Secrets to Success

with Scott Belsky

What are some common patterns you see in building products, that make the product and design extraordinary and users sticky?

How you built your team from day 1, what key characteristics and mindset you were looking for when bringing new team members on board?

Being a small company, with a scrappy and doer team, then getting acquired by a big company with big teams and departments, can you share the biggest lessons you learned from the acquisition?

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Scott Belsky
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