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A free design tool to create colorful, random, unique, and organic-looking SVG shapes.


Change the number of angles, complexity, colors and gradient to create different types of organic SVG shapes


Press the randomize button until you find an SVG shape you like


Get the shape as an SVG, PNG or copy the code directly into your clipboard

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About Shape Generator

SVG Shape Generator is a free tool made by Softr for creating random organic-looking shapes that can be used to add a nice touch to your landing page design, video thumbnail, social media banner, or any other visual. It can be really useful if you don’t have the design skills to create custom graphics but want to come up with something unique instead of using stock illustrations or something like that. We at Softr had been using such shapes in our designs quite often and, at some, point decided to make our own tool for quickly generating organic-looking shapes. The right-side image showcases our new sign in/sign up blocks, and a blob shape is used in the background, encompassing the blocks and serving as a sort of a frame for them. We’ve used the image to provide an update about the new feature in our social media. So, this is just one use case, but there are really a lot of potential applications.

Image alt
Image alt

Very often, we were also applying a gradient when creating such shapes manually (there’s a slight gradient in the above image as well), so we thought it would be good to add that feature to the Shape Generator as well. And we also added the outline option to allow generating blobs without a fill. We hope that this tool will be useful for others as well. Enjoy!

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