Beyond just a Database - Features and functionality

Go beyond Airtable's functionalities and turn your databases into a robust web application. Organize everything into an accessible web app in minutes.

User accounts and authentication

Register users and provide them with access to more digital content.

Resource submissions

Users can submit resources for review.

Email list

Capture user emails to build a database that can be used for sending out a newsletter and for other purposes.

Search and filtering

Search and filtering functionality to find resources in seconds.

Responsive design

A fully responsive design, allowing each user to access the platform from any device.

Template Gallery


The E-Learning Website template allows you to curate a directory of educational content ranging from audio and video to articles and how-to’s and organize them into an accessible web app available to anyone.

The template features an extensive collection of free digital content and also includes a gated content section where registered users get access to even more learning material. You can add more access levels or subscription plans on top of the default setup to offer paid content, provide subscription plans, and more. Lastly, there’s an option to get submissions from users in case you want to collect suggestions or actual resources from users as well.

How it works

The only thing you need in order to proceed with the template is a Softr account, which you can subscribe for free of charge. Then, just copy the template’s Airtable or Google Sheets data to your account and you’re ready to go.

The next step is uploading your learning materials (videos, audios, articles, etc.) to the database. Afterwards, you need to decide how to sell your courses if you also want to earn with your platform. You can come up with a subscription model or perhaps sell each course as a separate product. In any case, our advanced user management system and native Stripe integration will let you handle that seamlessly. Note that there are other payment integration options as well. That’s it, now you can just publish your Softr application and start promoting your learning platform.

Build your e-learning platform with Airtable

Proceed with the template and have your platform ready in minutes.


Here are the key steps for starting an e-learning platform: - Pick a software: online web app builders such as Softr, learning management systems, or marketplace builders such as Udemy. - Choose your business model: free courses, one-time purchase course, or subscription-based course. - Create a sales landing page: with the E-Learning Website template you can complement your learning materials with a stunning landing page. - Implement a reward system and offer certifications - Get feedback and ratings - Promote your e-learning platform

It would be hard to list everything, but here are some key features that most of the successful e-learning platforms have: - Enrollment process: there should a clear process of how students sign up for a course or purchase a subscription - Feedback features: students should be able to provide feedback in a fast and easy manner - Certification and badges: it’s important to reward the participants and provide them with a proof of completion - Promotional codes and discounts - Thought-out UI and UX: the platform interface is also a key factor in the learning process - SEO-friendliness: adjust your platform for Google and other search engines - Responsive layout: Many people like to learn using their mobile devices, so it’s important that your platform is mobile-friendly

Yes, you can create a product on Stripe and link it to your course to offer a one-time purchase.

Yes, you can create subscriptions on Stripe and let users access a specific content based on their subscription plan.

Yes, Softr allows linking video content directly from YouTube and Vimeo as well as embedding any other media.

Our users decide to use Softr on top of Airtable bases for several reasons. The most common are: - You will have a responsible and professional-looking user interface to share with clients, colleagues, and users on your domain (included for free!) - You will be able to manage different people's permissions at a granular level. Say goodbye to just "viewers" and "editors". You can decide which group of users can see and/or edit specific content. - You can merge several data sources all in one application. Do you want to connect three tables to the same app? Do you want to get data from other sources too? Not a problem with a Softr application!

Our awesome features

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I like the diversity of templates that are available and the thoughtfulness that has been taken in making the building process as simple as possible for non-coders.

Kwaku Dapaah-Danquah Entrepreneurship Manager, YSYS


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