Using Softr to make an online directory for miners and a data subscription platform for traders

We discussed with Jeff how he got into no-code, and why he chose Softr to build his biotech and cryptomining (HNT Hotspot resources) projects.

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Jeff's goal has always been to establish a digital business without any physical inventory to be able to manage it from anywhere. The rise of the no-code movement allowed him to start building applications himself and get closer to his initial goal. Everything started in 2019 when he got a lifetime Makerpad subscription and began exploring the no-code universe. Currently, his stack consists of Softr, Airtable, Zapier, and Integromat.

"In 2019, I asked my wife to buy me the lifetime subscription to Makerpad for my birthday and it has been the most life changing gift I’ve ever received"

Jeff Binkowski, Creator, HNT Network and BioPharmaMovers

Jeff has used Softr to make an online directory, which helps miners discover tools, apps, and other resources related to the Helium Network and its HNT hotspots. He has another project built with Softr, which is a data subscription platform for Biotech stock investors and traders. Jeff has just finished these projects and is currently in the marketing and promotion phase.

We were curious why Jeff had found Softr suitable for his projects and asked him a few questions to find out more on this and some other topics.

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Why Softr?

Jeff's no-code journey started with Adalo, and he was a paying user for quite a while. It was overall a nice tool, but the performance of the apps didn't quite meet his expectations, and he needed to look for some Adalo alternatives that would also allow him to scale. To sum up, he needed a membership website builder that would let him build web apps that were fast and scalable. He gave Webflow a try, but the time he had to spend on building the sites was too much, and it didn't work out. That's when he came across Softr, watched some videos on the platform's YouTube channel, and came to a conclusion that Softr would solve at least some of his problems. After signing up on the platform, he experimented with it and realized that it was actually a really good fit that exceeded his expectations.

"To be honest, I had some doubts after really getting into the platform. It didn't have the same kind of features I was used to with Adalo, primarily around integrating external API data. But the speed at which the Softr team is shipping new features gives me so much confidence in the future of this platform and I am really excited to be part of it."

Jeff Binkowski, Creator, HNT Network and BioPharmaMovers

As of now, a lot of new features have been released on Softr since Jeff started using it, and he has been able to expand the functionality of his web apps significantly. He especially stressed the new customization options on the List block, which is where all the data from Airtable is imported. We also asked for some feedback on customer support, and if we had been able to assist Jeff throughout his journey with Softr.

"The support from Softr has been amazing. I’m so impressed and thankful to Artur, because he’s always willing to help and has been so patient!"

Jeff Binkowski, Creator, HNT Network and BioPharmaMovers

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Next steps

Jeff has just finished building his projects and has entered a marketing stage. However, he hopes to see more interesting functionality incorporated into the Softr platform, allowing him to create even more powerful apps.

"It’s always very helpful to have access to more video tutorials as this is the best way for me to learn how to use tools and build faster. Perhaps we will see more tutorials and functionality around external API integrations. This could make Softr apps even more powerful!"

Jeff Binkowski, Creator, HNT Network and BioPharmaMovers

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