Build custom apps for your business, as easy as lego


Turn your Airtable or Google Sheets into client portals, partner apps or internal tools.

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Trusted by 80,000+ teams worldwide

Create apps powered by your data

Client Portals

Create client or employee portals with self-service account creation and secure access to content.

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Internal Tools

Enable your team to create internal apps like employee directories, CRM, and company wikis, in minutes.

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Create two sided marketplaces like Airbnb, Upwork and the like. Sell services, goods, pay securely with Stripe and run your entire business from one tool.

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Online Communities

Supercharge your community and bring them together in one platform, with memberships, free and premium content. Share resources, sell courses, connect with each other and more.

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Resource Directories

Curate resources of any kind and let users search, filter, and explore. Launch online courses, company wikis or upvoting sites directly from Airtable.

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Quickly create multi-page marketing sites or high-converting landing pages. Add your custom domain for free.

Our awesome features

Softr is the easiest, fastest way to build a professional web app on Airtable. Zero learning curve.

80,000+ companies and creators use Softr

Simple, yet powerful

As simple as building lego

Start from a template or from 100+ pre-built blocks and customize any element on the page. No design or coding skills needed.

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Build platforms, not just sites

Turn your Airtable data into a full-stack web-app with out-of-the-box memberships, payments and business logic, all in one place.

Turn into a mobile app, with one click

Immediately made available on both Apple and Android devices, without the extra effort.

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Start now, go live today

Don't spend hours learning new tools. Softr is the quickest way to put a product in the hands of your customers. Changing things later is easy and instant.

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Join 80,000+ companies already using Softr.

Powerful pre-built functionality out of the box

Softr does the heavy lifting of all technical work for you, so you can focus on your business.

Secure user accounts

Keep yours and your customers' data safe with server-side password protection.

Free custom domain

Our free tier includes hosting on custom domains. No credit card required.

Team Collaboration

Invite your teammates to manage the application and set granular permissions

Easy online payments

Enable one-off purchases or subscriptions in seconds.

Optimized for SEO

Pages built with Softr are automatically indexed by search engines.

Performant, safe, and scalable

Enjoy Amazon AWS-powered security and performance.

Integrate with the tools you love

Seamlessly integrate your Softr app with the modern and trusted tools of your workflow like Zapier, Google Analytics, Stripe, Hotjar, Mailchimp and more.

Run your business on Softr + Airtable

For Companies

Explore how SMBs and startups use Softr to manage and grow their business.


For Creators

Learn how entrepreneurs of all sizes are starting new ventures in days with Softr.


For Non-Profits

Organizations of all kinds can run their operations online, saving time and money.

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